Hello World

If you have found this site, there is a very significant chance that you’re either a:

  • friend that I’ve spammed; or
  • family member wondering if I’m still alive; or
  • potential employer digging up dirt; or
  • by some miracle, someone who is moving to the USA that has been looking for other’s experience.

Let’s be clear – I make no promises about this site.  Updates are likely to be infrequent, the content sloppy and full of spilling mistakes, and the topics will be dull and/or unispiring.

Anyway – a bit about me.

I’ve recently (this month) moved to the United States of America, and this is my second stint as an expat.  I moved from London, England, where I had spent 14 years living in the centre of the capital.  I worked there, did my masters, and fell in love with an amazing American.  I was born and raised in Australia, where family still resides (Hi Mum!).

Why the blog?  I’m perplexed.  There are so many things that I see every day that make me wonder “how did this come to be”, “why isn’t this like it is in the UK/AU”, and “why didn’t I think of this”.  This site is my attempt to document the learning process of integrating into a new culture, and an impetus for me to actually research into why things be the way they be.

Tag along if you’d like, and comment if I get things wrong.  I’m here to learn.

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